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It is an honor to have you here

If you are reading this, it means you are interested in using a workflow for front-end design / development that is both powerful and painless. Well, I have good news for you: this is it.

I've been editing HTML for *cough* 15 years *cough*, and I've used pretty much every tool worth taking a look at. My current setup is the result of picking (what I consider to be) the best tools for the job, and it makes the process of designing and developing as painless and joyful as I can possibly imagine.

In these pages, I'll try to explain how the system works, how I use it, and how you can make it work the way you do (because, let's be honest, the chances of you agreeing 100% with me on all the decisions I've made are pretty slim).

If you came here after reading the setup instructions on the Github repo, you already have everything you need to start working. Otherwise, head to the installation section to get your system ready to roll.

Next stop: get to know the philosophy, the workflow or read the full documentation.


This is a work in progress, make sure to check the updating section.